Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

1. Create an account at the CSA member login

2. Choose the CSA subscription type (auto-bill every 4 deliveries or every 13 deliveries) and delivery frequency (weekly or bi-weekly)

3. Choose your add-ons (flowers, etc.) and frequency.

4. Enter your payment and personal information, and you will be all set up for your first pickup!

What is a CSA? Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program that creates a direct relationship between our farm and you, the Shareholder.  Members of a Community Supported Agriculture program support local farmers by buying "shares" of future harvests. Through this program you receive a portion of our farm's harvest on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, access to our CSA member educational programming and exclusive class discounts. 

Are you certified organic? The farm is not certified organic, but everything is grown using natural, biological farming practices without use of conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge or irradiated products. We build soil fertility by making and using high-quality compost, and use only soil amendments allowed on certified organic farms. All our seed is non-GMO. You are welcome to visit and observe our farming practices. They are an integral part of our farm school curriculum.

How do I help the environment as a CSA member? Fossil fuel consumption is reduced because we don't use heavy machinery and there is minimal transportation of your produce. Here at Wild Willow Farms, we use people and soil life to power and grow our food, and because it is grown locally, transportation fuel consumption is at a minimum. Our regenerative sustainable farming philosophy includes using healthy soil practices that saves water, eliminates the need for artificial fertilizer that pollutes waterways, reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide, and we NEVER use synthetic chemicals!

I don't like tomatoes. Can you leave them out of my share? No. Unfortunately we are not set up to remove items from shares. You are receiving a portion of what we harvest, not what you request. Give the unwanted produce to a friend. 

Do I save anything by reserving a share for 13 weeks instead of paying every 4 weeks? No. The price per week is the same whether you buy a 13 week subscription or a 4 subscription. 

I thought every week would be good, but now I think I'd better have bi-weekly pick-up. Can I change? Yes! Go to your account and change the frequency of delivery. This will automatically extend your subscription so you still receive all your deliveries, just over a longer period of time.

I forgot to pick up my CSA on Wednesday. Can I pick it up later in the week?  Sorry, you can only put a hold on your box or change the pick-up day in advance. Boxes at drop-off points have already been delivered and we cannot retrieve them. Delivery locations have committed to holding onto your share for only the hours specified; they are under no obligation to keep your share past closing. However, if you are picking up at the farm, we can hold your box until end of day on Thursday.

What is the deadline to order an add-on for my next delivery? We need to have your order in by Monday at midnight. Any orders placed on Tuesday will be added to your share the following week.

Can I pay by check? Absolutely! You can mail a check to us at Wild Willow Farm, 11769 Waterhill Rd., Lakeside, CA 92040 or stop by the farm with a payment. Just make sure that we receive your payment at least 72 hours before your new share starts.

Can you deliver CSAs to my office or neighborhood? Absolutely! You need at least 10 people who would sign up for us to deliver to your location and an area where we can leave the shares, such as a lobby or porch. If you think you have enough interest, please email us at to set up delivery logistics.

I decided a CSA isn't really for me. Can I get a refund?  You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not issue refunds for boxes that have been paid for and undelivered.