CSA Shareholder Agreement

Wild Willow Farm is a project of the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego (RCD San Diego).  Wild Willow Farm and the San Diego RCD wish to provide you with fresh, local, and seasonal food, and you, the Shareholder, wish to receive a portion of our harvest.  This agreement outlines our shared commitments to that relationship.

1.0 Becoming a Shareholder of Our Farm

Wild Willow Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program provides you a direct relationship between our farm and you, the Shareholder.  Shareholders receive a portion of our farm's harvest on a weekly (or biweekly) basis, access to our CSA member educational programming, and receive exclusive discounts for our classes. 

Each subscription includes a seasonal selection of vegetables and greens—with occasional fruits—which fills the equivalent of one or more tote bags of farm-fresh produce. The contents of your box will vary based on the seasons and production cycles, but we aim for consistent volume.

2.0 Sharing in the Risk of Crop Failure

We promise to do our best to provide you with a bountiful CSA box each week. The quantity of produce, however — despite our best efforts — may vary from week-to-week because of extreme weather, insects, or other production factors. By becoming a Shareholder, you are agreeing to share the risk of crop failure with us and other Shareholders. In the unlikely event of a crop failure, our procedure is as follows:

If only a small portion of crops fail, we compensate for the failed crops by filling your CSA box with other crops grown on the farm that are ready for harvest at that time. If a large portion of crops fail, we may not be able to deliver any products that week, or we may fill your CSA box with items from partner farms.

2.1 Sharing in the Reward of Crop Surplus

Our Shareholders are first in line for the bounty of the farm; the more we grow, the more volume and/or variety you will get.

In addition to our CSA, our farm does sell on farm, and to restaurants. Our Shareholders receive priority. After filling our Shareholder boxes with the week's harvest first, the remainder is sold to our other markets.

3.0 Shareholder Plans and Fees

CSA subscriptions are ongoing and deliveries continue based on our Seasonal Delivery Schedules unless a Delivery Hold is placed (see below) or a subscription is canceled (see Cancellation Policy below).

Subscription fees are $30/box, whether a Full Share or Half Share.  All subscriptions include weekly recipes, care, and storage instructions; as well as seasonal events, including: farm tours, cooking classes and eat and greet potluck for all members of the Shareholder’s household. Every quarter, subscribers will receive a seasonal discount code to register for Wild Willow Farm classes via Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/o/wild-willow-farm-amp-education-center-13839265448). 

· Full Shares receive 25% off all Wild Willow Classes

· Half Shares receive 15% off all Wild Willow Classes

Discount codes are limited to half-day and full-day classes hosted by Wild Willow Farm.  This offer excludes our multi-day courses, such as Farming 101. Discount codes are limited to members of the Shareholder’s household.

Your Shareholder subscription supports the farm production costs, the education of beginning farmers; as well as the instructor and coordination costs. 

3.1 Payment Options

3.1.1 Quarterly Payments  Subscriptions run 13 weeks. Full share is $390 and half share is $210.  We also accept checks.  You may send a check for the total amount due to:

Wild Willow Farm

11769 Waterhill Rd. 

Lakeside, CA 92040

3.1.2 Installments You are automatically charged every 4 boxes for your share.  Installments are $120 for every 4 boxes billed approximately every month for full shares and every 2 months for half shares. 

3.2 Out of Town Delivery Suspension.

You can place holds on your subscription through your online account/Membership Dashboard.  Select the date on the calendar that you want your box held. Once the page loads, look for the gray button that says Hold Delivery. This is located below the title and date of the subscription. Once you select Hold Delivery, a window will appear giving you the option to donate this box, or simply Hold it. Holds can be placed for one or more consecutive weeks at a time by using the Hold Range under your delivery calendar. Wild Willow Farm will credit up to three box holds to your account for all Prepaid CSA members.

If your subscription is billed through Auto Renew (recurring) Billing and you do not want to be charged for your Farm Box that you wish to Hold, please place your box on Hold before order deadline (Monday at midnight). Any holds placed after deadline will be billed. 

3.2.1 Alternatives to putting your subscription on hold are: to share your CSA program with those who might be interested – have a friend or neighbor pick your share up while you’re gone, or give it to the person who house or pet sits for you while you’re away (please, be sure anyone picking up for you are well versed in the Pick-Up Protocol and know the address and hours of the pick-up site!); or you can arrange to donate it to the refugees in Tijuana. (see below).

3.2.2 Donating your Share

You can choose to donate your box while you are out of town to the refugees in Tijuana.  You have the ability to arrange this through your online account. Simply log in to your account, click on the delivery date to be held and click the HOLD DELIVERY button. A pop up window will ask if the box is to be Held and/or Held and Donated.

3.3 If you decide to cancel before payments made have been delivered.

You may cancel your subscription or discontinue automatic monthly payments at any time. Log in to your account (Member Dashboard) to cancel automatic payments. Because your CSA subscription is your commitment to the those growing your food, and because we order seeds and supplies, and plan staffing based on the number of subscriptions received, no refund will be issued for paid-for but undelivered boxes or processing fees.

4.0 Shareholder responsibilities

  • Pick up your CSA box within the timeframe stated. Making the CSA boxes available during the designated pickup time is the only thing the host is responsible for.
  • Swap out produce into your own reusable bag, and leave the empty boxes there.
  • Be respectful of our pick-up hosts' property and time.
  • Follow additional rules posted at your pick-up location regarding signing in, parking, stacking of empty boxes, etc.
  • The CSA boxes that are not retrieved within the pick-up times are forfeited by the Shareholder and will be donated or sold. There are no "makeup’s" for missed CSA boxes. If you cannot pick-up your CSA box, you are responsible for putting your box on hold through CSAware or having a friend pick-it up for you.  Please make sure if someone is picking up for you, they are aware of these Shareholder Responsibilities and Pick Up Instructions, below.

5.0 Pick Up Instructions

5.1.1 Find Your Name on the Checklist left at the Pick-Up Site

At each site there is a CHECKLIST of everyone who picks up and what they are supposed to take.  PLEASE USE AND FOLLOW THE CHECKLIST EVERY WEEK.

5.1.2. Take only what is listed by your name

This includes the contents of the PROPER SHARE BOX (SHARES ARE LABELED WITH THE NAME OF THE MEMBER TO WHOM IT BELONGS) as well as any flowers or other times which are located outside or packed inside the box.

5.1.3 If your name is not on the list, please do not take anything

Contact us by email – produce@wildwillowfarm.org – and we will find out the reason you are not listed and work things out.  We only drop off enough shares, etc. for the people listed. If you take something and you’re not on the list, you’re taking someone’s share.

5.1.4 Contact us promptly if you have been shorted something

Email us right away at produce@wildwillowfarm.org. We will make it up to you within the next couple of deliveries. Notes left on the checklist are not usually seen.  TO RECEIVE CREDIT OR REPLACEMENT, YOU NEED TO EMAIL.

6.0 Privacy

The Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego and Wild Willow Farm respect your privacy and right to shop in a secure environment. Because of this, we will never share or sell any information that you provide to us with any third party. No credit card information will be stored, shared or sold. No email information will be shared or sold. The log-in and registration information that you provide is only maintained to promote a user friendly environment when visiting our site. If you have questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us. 

7.0 Agreement

By accepting our Shareholder Agreement, you agree to purchase the subscription described in this agreement. You understand that because of the inherent risks associated with farming, the farm may change parts of this agreement from time to time. You acknowledge that the farm will contact you via email in advance of any changes to this agreement.